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Ski Repair

Your Ski Repair Experts

Our technicians are experienced and professionally trained to provide the highest level of customer service in Greely and the Northern Colorado region. We know you want to be on your skis now, and it's our goal to get your equipment back to you as soon as possible. Check out our ski and board services - we are not limited to the packages that you see below so please get in touch if you need anything snow-related.

Our Ski & Board Shop is open from November through March 31.

Ski & Board Services

We offer ski and board waxing, snow equipment rentals, and a full service team for servicing your skis and snowboards.

Basic Tune


Includes the following items:

  • Sharpen edges
  • Deburr edges
  • Wax evenly by hand

Full Tune


Includes Basic Tune items AND:

  • P-Tex damaged areas
  • Base grind to smooth base

*Additional P-Tex work: (+$12 and up)

Base Weld


Includes Full Tune items AND:

  • Prep area where core is showing
  • Base weld core *1-inch included in cost*

*Additional P-Tex work: (+$12 and up) *Additional Base Weld work: (+$12 per inch)

Hot Hand Wax

Waxed & finished by hand for a longer-lasting performance boost


Includes the following items:

  • Lasts longer & Completed by Hand
  • Waxed evenly across skis or board
  • Wax coat lasts for 3-Trips

As a skier or boarder, this Hot Hand Wax is going to be your best friend. When skis or boards are not properly waxed or waxed regularly, they start looking dry. Not only do they look bad, but you will notice a huge performance difference as well. When you bring in your skis or board, we will apply a hot wax by hand to keep you looking faster on the slopes. Your skis and board will need hot wax about every 3 times you hit the slopes. Of course, this depends on weather conditions and personal preference. We also have different waxes for different temperatures outside. This will give you better performance geared towards the weather you are anticipating.