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Crank Up the Cool

Expert Advice on the Best Upgrades

Upgrading a few key components can greatly enhance your riding experience. Our team weighed in on their top picks for bike customizations that make the greatest impact - no matter how new or well-loved your bike may be.

Touchpoints - Saddle


The connections you make with your bike have a huge impact on your comfort and control. You can upgrade your touchpoints such as grips, handlebar tape, saddle, and pedals to improve your riding experience and add a fun pop of color. These accessories are a quick and affordable way to customize your bike.



New tires will give you more traction, better flat protection, and a smoother ride. You'll be able to tackle any terrain with confidence, rain or shine. Stop by our store and we'll recommend the best tires for your riding style.



If you really want to get serious about improving your performance you should upgrade your wheels. High quality wheels weigh less and perform better, meaning you’ll be more efficient and faster on your rides.

Take Care of Your Bike & It Will Take Care of You

Maintaining your bike regularly and getting it serviced will save you more money over time and keep you riding worry-free. We can’t stress enough the importance of frequently checking all the moving parts, air in tires or suspension, and the overall wear and tear of your ride to ensure utmost safety and performance.